So you’re a repair shop that has yet to jump into Microsoldering Training, but you need to offer logic board repair to stay competitive in your market.   We designed Revive a Phone’s B2B Mail-in Repair Partnership Program just for you. 

Email the following information to info@[email protected] to sign up, get a B2B partner number, and receive our price list.

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  6. Have you sent us work before?
  7. Do you currently send board level work somewhere else?

Revive a Phone Microsoldering B2B Partner Program 2019


First Step–Sign up for B2B!: We offer discounted B2B pricing to established repair shops and high volume refurbishers only.

You must have a registered business offering retail general repair to end users.  Proof of B2B eligibility can be provided at signup with a link to your Google business listing which must match your address in our system.

You can ask to sign up for our B2B Partnership Program by sending an email to our business manager Sunday Thomson at info@[email protected]

Getting Started:  Every device needs a quote before sending.  You can “batch” multiple jobs on one request.  Go to and click Get Started.  Tell us about the history and symptoms of the device and problem for each device you are sending. You can just make a list of the problems. We sell flat rate solutions to problems, so just tell us about the problem the device is having and any relevant history or prior repair attempt details. The more we know, the better your quote will be. We don’t want you to waste your shipping budget on devices that don’t qualify for repair.

Identify Yourself with your B2B number for B2B Pricing:  BE SURE TO WRITE your B2B Program Number in the referred by field on the quote request form to unlock B2B pricing.  If you send a device in on a retail estimate, we can’t edit the pricing once the repair is in progress. You are responsible for making sure that you have identified yourself as a B2B partner during the quoting process and before sending the device in.  We will not change estimates to reflect B2B pricing on repairs that are already in house during any program changes, or any device that is accidentally sent in on a retail estimate.

Prior Repair Attempts:   No device with a prior repair attempt is eligible for B2B pricing.  Just tell us about the prior repair during the quote process. The more detailed information you provide us means we may be able to take it anyway, at least for data recovery, or offer you a special price.  If an undisclosed prior repair attempt shows up, it will get bounced from the queue and you will be liable for reassembly/return shipping if you want it back. 

Turnaround time expectations:  The team-approach of Revive a Phone Microsoldering offers you unparalleled turnaround, meticulous record-keeping and labelling, and safe professional shipping to maximize your customer’s chance of a fast successful board repair. You will receive an automatic system email once your device has arrived and been through intake.  Most straightforward jobs are addressed within 1-2 days, sometimes 3-5 days, and rarely over a week–depending on volume.  (not including data recovery–see below). We have special “priority” slots in our queue for our B2B customers, and we also sell rush service upgrades for guaranteed same day service for most problems, you can upgrade to paid rush at any time.  The more you send us, the more likely you’ll get upgraded to courtesy rush same-day service. We love to keep our volume customers happy!

Sending the phone in: Your emailed printable estimate is electronically generated from information submitted on your request. Print your estimate and review it to make sure all information is correct. We will match your devices with your electronic estimate on arrival via the paper estimate and record the device’s intake condition on arrival so there are no “hey this screen is cracked!” surprises.

  • Phones can be sent board only for iPhone 6s and earlier, or in full housings
  • iPhone 7 and 8 also need +home button
  • iPhone X series and Samsung s7 and up send full housing
  • Please do not send boxes, accessories etc.
  • Please do send candy and love letters because you know that almost everyone at Revive a Phone is a girl.
  • iPads must be open with screen and battery disconnected.   We do not assume liability for your parts and we cannot close and seal any iPad unless you are also buying a screen from us.  iPad Pro is a special exception–see iPad Pro rules below.
  • iPad Pro special rules:  For iPads sent in for backlight/touch repair, we will put your screen on after the repair, provided all internal screws and shields are sent in and the frame is clean and straight and ready to receive the screen.   Screen must be removed prior to sending it in.  iPads sent in with screen intact will incur an additional charge for removal.

Passcodes:  We ask for passcode and iCloud information for all devices.  We understand that some customers are nervous about providing this information.  

For iCloud information–if necessary, you can leave this blank.  Our purpose is to facilitate the legal recycling of no fix or unpaid invoice devices by removing them from iCloud accounts.   Most devices are fixed and there is no actual need for the iCloud information.
For passcode–we tell our retail customers that everybody has to take their underpants off when they go to see the doctor, that’s just how it is.  We rarely have a problem. IF YOU CHOOSE TO NOT PROVIDE THE CORRECT PASSCODE, then it will go back out with limited or no functional testing and you will be liable for any problems that may generate, including shipping it back to us if a problem is found down the road.

Updates and Correspondence:  We need to keep ALL correspondence on the ticket.  Side conversations via text message or messenger are inefficient and lead to missing information.   You will get an update on arrival/intake. You will get an update if we have any questions along the way.  You will get an update when the device is done and you will be emailed an invoice. You will automatically get a tracking number.   Most devices are back out the door within a few days of arrival, but every now and then a device has an unusual problem. If it was not repairable on the first look you can request that the device be put on the final look list where it will automatically be returned to you if not fixed within one week. If you have any questions, reply on your ticket which will prompt our team to answer you.  You may also call our customer service number: 585 397 4174

Qualifying for No Fix No Fee–Primary versus Secondary issues If a device is deemed unrepairable, or not feasible to repair for the PRIMARY PROBLEM it was sent in for, then we will qualify it as No Fix.  Our no fix devices can simply be recycled at no charge to you for the labor and chip cost that went into the device. We do require data deletion, and iCloud information or iCloud removal for devices left with us in accordance with our recycling policy.
A device will not qualify for No Fix, No Fee if the primary problem is solved, but it happens to have an UNRELATED secondary issue.  Example, after touch ic repair, now it turns out the device has searching/no service. If the secondary issue is possibly related to the repair, then we will qualify it as No Fix. It is your responsibility to be clear with your customers. We are not the device manufacturer, and we do NOT offer a bumper to bumper guarantee of any kind. We do not offer a solution for every problem and we do not get paid if we can’t fix the primary problem. However, if the device has secondary issues then that does not negate our work to solve the primary problem–we will invoice for success on the primary problem and require payment. No Fix No fee does not cover safe reassembly and return shipping of devices that you want back (see below). No Fee = we will windshield wipe from desk to recycling for no fee.

Cancelled Repairs:  Do not qualify for No Fix No Fee.  All cancelled repairs (a repair that is withdrawn after work has begun but before the repair has been completed) will incur a minimum shop charge of $49

Unpaid invoices:  You are our customer, not your end user.  If you want to avoid the possibility that they don’t come back to get their phone, then refer them to our retail mail-in repair service directly from the beginning.  If you send in a repair on behalf of your in-person customer and that person fails to pay you, it is not acceptable to attempt to pass your customer’s nonpayment along to us.   We will not do any future work while you have an open invoice, and we will attempt to collect on our invoice through any feasible means.

Reassembly and Return Shipping Fees:  Billable repairs include reassembly and have a return shipping quote on the invoice.  No Fix repairs that you would like returned to you will incur a reassembly and return shipping fee (total $30 in Jan 2019).  Phones sent board only will not require a reassembly fee.

Water Damage:  All liquid damaged devices will only be eligible for data recovery services, not repair.  We will inform you if we see liquid on the logic board. Reassembly and Return Shipping fees may apply.

Data Recovery:  Data recovery is separate from B2B services.  It is always open-ended resuscitation of the device with master technician involvement.  We do not offer price discounts for data recovery, however, our B2B partners will get free Priority Data.  Our successful data recovery jobs are delivered on USB and include usable folders of parsed data in addition to the backup.  We do not make any guarantee of the long term function of our data recovery devices that go out in apparent working condition.  Not all successful data recovery devices will go out working. Our recommendation is that all data recovery devices be replaced. Data recovery has its own turnaround time (several weeks), separate rush fees, and special policies.  Please refer to the data recovery policy information here as well as in your estimate.

Getting in Touch with Revive a Phone:  Call customer service anytime.  585 397 4174 We answer the business phone during normal business hours M-F.  If your call is not answered, then it means we are on the other line. Please leave a message with your callback number.  We return all calls within 24 hours. Be sure your voicemail is not full. You can also reply on any ticket email and your question will be captured on the ticket (which we love!)

Lifetime Warranty:  We are very proud of our LIFETIME WARRANTY on all our board repairs.  We rarely see warranty issues, and we will not bill for any repair that we can’t warranty.  If a warranty issue occurs, you will have to pay for shipping back to us (the same as you paying for gas to drive your car back to Home Depot to return a defective product).  However, if a warranty issue is found, we will repair it and cover return shipping back to you. The lifetime warranty is not transferable if the device is sold, and it is voided with the use of non-certified chargers, liquid, or accidental damage.  The lifetime warranty only covers the repair that we did on the device. If a second unrelated system within the phone fails then that is not covered by our warranty for the original repair.

Thank you, Repair Fam, AND your customers!  Without your trust and support, we would not be able to see enough problem devices to drive pattern recognition so that we can discover solutions to the newest problems in board repair.  We share what we discover with our microsoldering students, and with the world on YouTube. Thank you for helping us with our mission to extend the reach of board repair to all mobile device users.

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